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Zia ul Meezan fee Taleemil Quran – Volume 1


Author : Shaikh Khaleel ur Rahman Madani

Publisher : Arabian Store

Language : English

Binding : Paper cover

Pages : 230

Year of  Publication : 2021

Product Dimensions (cm) : 24x17x1.5

Weight (gm) : 500

290.00 300.00

This is the first volume of the book series “Zia ul Meezan fee Ta’leemil Qurán”. It consits of 8 volumes, and is designed and written to teach the Arabic language in a very easy and simple manner to the school, college and maktab going students. This books is beneficial for all, and it is so easy that anyone can read and teach this book to their children. The other volumes of the book are also going to be released soon inshaaAllaah.

More than 1000 verbs have been collected in this book that consist three letters, and this makes it unique from other books. The other specialty of this book is that it is translated into Urdu and English languages simultaneously, and the readers can also learn Urdu from English, and vice versa, apart from learning Arabic. As this book is translated into English, readers from all over the world can benefit and even those who want to improve their English vocabulary from Urdu and Arabic can also benefit from this book. One can also easily translate this book from English to any other regional language as well.

This book is also unique in itself that it starts with the basic Arabic Alphabet “Alif, Baa” and also has three-lettered Arabic verbs in it. Based on these three-lettered verbs, the Arabic sentences are made in the second volume. Kindly note that the basic Arabic Alphabet (Hurooful hijaa’i) are taken from various other books.

Alhamdulillaah, this is a good book from self-studying the Arabic language, and only in case of clarifying one’s doubts, one may have to take the help of the Ulama or the Arabic language teachers.

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Dimensions 24 × 17 × 1.5 cm

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