Refutation of Yasir Qadhi’s Grave Worship Blunder


Author : Imam Karim Abu Zaid

Publisher : Islamworld

Language : English

Binding : Softcover

Pages : 174

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A layman Muslim who sought guidance on a sensitive matter related to Monotheism (Tawheed) and Polytheism (Shirk) asked Yasir Qadhi a question regarding the ruling on people visiting the graves and invoking the saints (Awliya) for their needs.

Yasir Qadhi answered him publicly, saying, “…The second opinion is the opinion that invoking the saints (Awliya)… it is Haram (Unlawful), and it is evil, and evil innovation, a religions innovation, a Bid’ah, and it is a steppingstone to Shirk (Polytheism). It is opening the doors to Shirk (Polytheism). But it is not Shirk (Polytheism) in and of itself unless that action is accompanied by a belief that you are calling out to a god. I myself am an advocate of this second position.”

Yasir Qadhi’s answer is false, baseless, misleading, deceitful, tricky, and dishonest. And Imam Karim Abu Zaid does well to refute it comprehensively.

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