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Funeral Rites and Duties in Islam


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Print : Original Print

Author : Shaikh Amīn-ur-Raḥmān Madanī

Publisher : Islamworld

Language : English/Urdu

Binding : Softcover

Pages : 104

Year of  Publication : 2018

Edition : 3rd

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As we know, Islām has an answer to every question asked; it has also provided a complete set of instructions for the sick and dying individual, and for those who are present at the time of death, as well as for those who are responsible for burying the deceased. These instructions should be common knowledge among Muslims, since death sometimes occurs when it is least expected.
The purpose of this booklet is to provide a concise authentic compilation of the instructions regarding funerals in Islām. This booklet is a translation of the Urdu booklet ‘Janāzay Kay Aḥkām Wa Masā`il’ compiled by Shaikh K. Abū Yāsir Amīn-ur-Raḥmān Madanī whose references, in turn, are from the book ‘Aḥkām ul-Janā`iz’ authored by ‘Allāmah Nāṣiruddīn Al-Albānī (raḥimahullāh).
Footnotes have been added in some places to elucidate a point or to define terms and expressions for the benefit of the reader (especially from the Indian subcontinent).  This book is a combined edition of both *English and Urdu* so that it can reach out to most people. The translation and footnotes have been checked by the compiler, Shaikh Amīn-ur-Raḥmān Madanī and Shaikh Ṭāriq Saudāgar Madanī.


Funeral Rites and Duties
1) Some Advice for the Sick person and One nearing Death
2) Signs of a Good End
3) Consequences of Suicide
4) Masā`il (Rulings) regarding one nearing Death and the Deceased
5) Rulings of giving Ghusl (ceremonial bath) to the dead
6) Rulings of Kafan (Shrouding)
7) Rulings of carrying or transporting the
Janāzah (Funeral Bier)
8) Rulings of Ṣalātul Janāzah (Funeral Prayer)
9) Rulings of Tadfeen (Burial)
10) Forbidden practices at the Cemetery
11) Some wide-spread Innovations
The Authentic Way of Benefiting the Dead
12) The Meaning of Eeṣāl-e-Sawāb
13) What Deeds benefit a Mu’min (Believer) even after his
14) The Deeds whose reward can be reached out to the dead
15) Does the reward of Ṣadaqah given by others besides the offspring reach the deceased?
16) Is it permissible to read the Qur`ān and offer prayers to
benefit the dead?
17) Performing Ḥajj on behalf of the deceased
18) Qurbāni (Sacrifice) on behalf of the deceased
A Moment of Reflection
Shrouding and Burial of Unclaimed Dead Bodies and Ghassāl contact numbers in Bangalore

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