Time Is Running Out


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Author : Imam Siddiq Hassan Khan

Publisher :  Al-Firdous Ltd

Language : English

Binding : Paper cover

Pages : 186

Year of  Publication :    2005

Edition : First

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Discusses the following topics:

  • What is the Hour? When will it be? What are its signs?
  • Meaning of al fitnah
  • Near coming of the Hour
  • Fitan affecting the Muslim Ummah
  • Certain Fitan which have already passed
  • Major signs before the day of judgment
  • Appear of ad Dajjal
  • Descent of Jesus, son of Mary
  • Appearance of Gog and Magog
  • Rising of the sun from the west
  • Emergence of the beast from the Earth
  • Ad Dukhan (The Smoke)
  • The Pleasant Wind
  • The Last major sign will be a fire

About the Author

Shaikh Muhammad Siddiq Hasan Khan was born in  Jamadi-al-Awwal 1248 A.H. (October, 1832 C.C.) at Bans Bareli (U.P.), India . After Shah Wali Allah, he was  the most powerful advocate of  Ibn Taimayya  in the Indian Sub-Continent.
He was a  veteran scholar and prolific  writer from Bhopal. His teacher, Shaikh Abd al Haqq Muhaddith of Benaras, was a pupil of Qadi Shaukani. He strove hard to propagate’ Ibn Taimiyyas ideas and, moreover, to remove misunderstandings by presenting them in their proper historical perspective. His Itahaf al-Nubala, Abjad al ‘Uum, Taqsar, and al- Taj al- Mukallal contain eloquent tributes, to Ibn Taimiyya’s contribution to Islamic thought. He considered him and his pupil Hafiz Ibn Qayyim as the Mujaddids of the eleventh century.

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