The Purification of Tawhid from the Filth of Deviation


Print : Indian Print

Author : Al-Imam Al-Amir Muhammad Ibn Ismail Al-Sanaani

Publisher : Indian

Language : English

Binding : Paper cover

Pages : 80

Year of  Publication : 2009

Edition : First

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In recent times, a deviation has appeared amongst some Muslim communities where by they show veneration, to an extreme, of Muslims saints and righteous personages: they erect mausoleums on their graves, they go to them in times of need and adversity, they supplicate to them and they hold beliefs concerning them that border on the superstitious.

Distressed at their gross deviation, al-Sanaani penned this treatise expounding on the belief of Ahlu’l Sunnah in its pristine purity. The issues he tackled where the concept of worship and grave-worship , supplication to Allah, relying on Allah, and resorting to Him at times of need.

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