The Book Of Divorce


Author : Muhammad Iqbal Kailani

Publisher : Islami Kitab Ghar

Language : English

Binding : Paper Cover

Pages : 120

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Islam is basically the standard bearer of discipline, unity, solidarity and mutual love in individual as well as in social life. The Muslims have been directed to lead life with mutual affection and love so much so that it is unlawful for a Muslim to break off relations with any Muslim brethren for more than three days. As for the matrimonial life of husband and wife, Islam regards it (i.e. Nikah) as a bond to pull on the relation throughout life and to be loyal to each other. For this, God Almighty especially creates passions of love and affection in the hearts of both husband and wife. As a result, both feel solace in each other’s company. Deviation from the teachings of Islam does not have the least effect on their genuinity and truthfulness. However, the deviators, whether individuals or groups, are bound to face it themselves. Whether it is the matter of woman’s rights or of an intricate social problem, our society will face a constant turmoil as long as we continue deviating. There is only one path to success and salvation: It is to stop deviating from Islamic teachings and submit unto the commandments of Allah and His Prophet.

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