The Biography of Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim


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Author : Salahuddin ‘Ali Abdul-Mawjood

Publisher : Darussalam

Language : English

Binding : Hard cover

Pages : 314

Year of  Publication :  2006

Edition : First

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Description from the publisher: Imam ibn al-Qayim a shining sign with regard to his knowledge and memory. Anyone who looks in his books will bear witness to his great virtue. The works he authored are of outstanding excellence that have continuously been providing guidance to the scholars across the course of seven centuries. He has more than a hundred books to his credit concerning various sciences. Ibn al-Qayyim had an intense love for knowledge – studying it and writing about it. From the Intro This is a biography of one of the notable personalities of Islam and one of its noble knights. He reached the very highest levels of scholarship and piety. There is no Salafi[1] following the methodology of Ahl as-Sunnah Wa al-Jama’ah except that he testifies to his great virtue, for through him, Allah gave sight to so many eyes that were blind and life to so many hearts that were dead. He is none other than Shaykh Al-Islam, Imam ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, may Allah shower him with His Mercy. His Name and Lineage: He is Abu ‘Abdillah, Shams ad-Din, Muhammad ibn Abi Bakr ibn Ayyub ibn Sad ibn Hariz ibn Makki Zayn ad-Din, az-Zur’i then ad-Dimashqi, Al-Hanbali. He is famous as Ibn Qayim al-Jawziyyah. His Birth: The biographical reference works are in agreement that he was born in the year 691 H. His student, asSafadi, mentioned that he was born on the 7th of Safar in that year. Ibn Taghri Bardi, Ad-Dawudi, and as-Suyuti followed him in that view.

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