Tajwid : The Art Of The Recitation Of The Holy Quran


Print : Indian Print

Author : Dr. Abdul Majid Khan

Publisher : Indian

Language : English

Binding : paper Cover

Pages : 232

Year of  Publication : 1992

Edition : First

Product Dimensions (cm) : 24x18x1.2

Weight (gm) : 400


The Holy Qu’ran is God’s final revelation to the mankind. Over one billion Muslims use it every day in public as well as in private life to draw guidance and blessing. The recitation of the Quran is commanded by God and his Messenger. However, a majority of Muslims simply cannot read the text of the Qu’ran correctly.

Not only has the Qur’an been preserved as it was revealed to the prophet but also its recitation came to us from him through his companions and their followers. The Qur’an is not read in the same manner as any ordinary document. In this book, Dr.Khan presents the art of recitation of the Qur’an. It includes an introduction to Tajwid, need for Tajwid, a brief view of the Arabic consonants and vowels, organs of speech, the places and manners of the articulation of the Arabic sounds, the rules of Tajwid, stoping and initiation rules, proper manners of recitation, a discussion on recitational prostration with views of experts on how to perform them, the script, authenticity, and division of the Qur’an, a glossary of Arabic and phonetic terms, and an index. The explanation is augmented by figures, charts, tables, and examples for full and easy comprehension by the readers.

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