Interpretation of Kitab At-Tauhid – The Destination of the Seeker of Truth


Author : Shaikh Salih bin Abdul Aziz bin Aali Shaikh

Translator : Aqeel Walker

Publisher : Darussalam Publications

Language : English

Binding : Hardcover

Pages : 325

Product Dimensions (cm) : 21x14x2

Weight (gm) : 485

850.00 880.00

Interpretation of Kitab At-Tauhid is a detailed explanation of the original book Kitab at-Tauhid by the great Muslim thinker, reformer & scholar Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab rahimahullah. It explains everything about the most important aspect of Islamic beliefs & creed, Tauhid. You will learn the real meaning of Tauhid, its implications on a Muslims life, the various types of Shirk found amongst Muslims and how to save oneself from them.

Shaikh Salih bin Abdul Aziz Aali Shaikh brings in many detailed proofs and evidences from the Quran and Hadith alongwith concise and comprehensive explanations of the points written by Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab rahimahullah.


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