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A Bouquet of Concise and Comprehensive Duas


Author : K. Ameen ur Raḥmān ‘Umri Madanī

Publisher:  Islamworld

Language : English

Binding : Softcover

Pages : 112

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Du’ā is an act of worship and an important means of beseeching Allāh for one’s needs. While the one making Du’ā is having his needs fulfilled, good deeds keep adding to his register. In addition, Allāh made Du’ā so potent that it can even alter the divine decree! As is well known, and all thanks be to Allāh, a lot of people are travelling to perform Ḥajj and ‘Umrah in our times. Many desire to go there and make Du’ās, gather for themselves the best of both worlds, and to implore Allāh I for solutions to problems they may be dealing with in their lives. Also, due to the great importance of the Du’ās of the Ḥajj & ‘Umrah traveller, many people request him to make Du’ā for them. However, it’s a pity that many people are not aware of the etiquettes of Du’ā, nor do they know the many concise yet powerful supplications mentioned in the Qur’ān and the Ḥadīth. As a result, they make Du’ā in their own words for a few minutes and thereafter sit silent. Some can recite a few Du’ās (in Arabic) which they already know; however they may not be aware of the meanings. Thus, they do not benefit well enough from these valuable opportunities during which Du’ās are answered.

So, in order to cater to this need, I reckoned that I should prepare A Bouquet of Concise and Comprehensive Du’ās so that the ones travelling for Ḥajj and ‘Umrah are able to increase in making these Du’ās during their travel and during their stay in the holy lands. For greater comprehension, the topics & the Arabic Du’ās have been transliterated and translated, so as to attain the solitude and concentration with which one may ask Allāh of all the good and seek His refuge from all the evil. Most of the Du’ās have been taken from the book Du’āon ki kitāb” by Shaikh Ḥāfiz Imrān Ayyūb ḥafizahullāh. Besides this, I have also benefitted from the book “Jawāmi ud Du’ā” by Shaikh Khālid al Jeraysi ḥafizahullāh. In some instances, I have also referred to the Original Sources. The English translation has been included by our brother Mahatab Amjad. May Allāh, the most High, reward him well in this world and the Hereafter. After thanking the Lord of the worlds, I thank all those who assisted me in any manner in compiling and publishing this book. May Allāh reward them with good and make this book a means of goodness and blessings for the people.
K. Ameen ur Raḥmān ‘Umri Madanī.

Importance of Du’ā and its excellence
Etiquettes of Making Du’ā
Various ways in which a Du’ā is answered
The Recommended times of Du’ā
Those whose Du’ās are accepted
Du’ās of Ḥajj and ‘Umrah
Comprehensive Du’ās from the Qur’ān
Comprehensive Prophetic Du’ās
Prophetic Du’ās for Relief and Protection
Prophetic Prayers said every Morning and
The Tasbīḥāt (Glorifying & praising Allāh)

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